Welcome To Water & Snow Vehicle Rental! We love to have fun, we not only rent our vehicles, we play with them also! We are a family based business that is run by Ryan Soptak and Jen Gehlen in Chestermere, Alberta,  and we are both part of the success of this business. It all started with us wanting to play, and rent snowmobiles and jet-skis. So this sparked an idea, one that says; why can we not share our toys, and still have a good time by providing  cost effective snowmobile and jet ski rentals for other family(s) and individuals?  Our customers are like us, they love to have fun and we are committed to providing you with the ability to rent either Snowmobiles or  Jet-Skis at a  cost effective price, with great customer service and  product knowledge to help get you and your family on the road to enjoy an experience of a life time! We are about fun, and we want to share our fun with you and your family! Please feel free to take a look around and reach out with any questions you may have.

Ryan & Jen

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