4 Things to Remember Before Going Snowmobiling

We’re big fans of snowmobiles here at  Water & Snow Vehicle Rental. Snowmobiling is a fun and exciting sport that anyone can enjoy, but you must keep safety in mind. Being unprepared, riding alone, or drinking and driving can turn what should have been a great adventure into a dangerous situation. Take the time to prepare yourself, and your experience will be better for it.

Check the Weather Conditions

Always check the local forecast before heading out. Pay attention to avalanche warnings and any approaching storms. Snowmobiling is all fun and games until you unexpectedly find yourself in dangerous conditions.

If there are any potential risks, you may want to postpone your adventure for a day when the outlook is better. You can further prepare for unexpected changes in weather by bringing along a weather radio and checking for updates during your adventure.

Don’t Mix Alcohol and Snowmobiles

Don’t drink before heading out or during your ride on a snowmobile. You can most certainly receive a DUI or DWI on a snowmobile, not to mention the danger you are putting yourself and others in by indulging in alcohol and driving.

According to Harron Law, being charged with an offense for operating a vehicle under the influence or while intoxicated can become a life-altering event, and preventing this should be taken seriously. Save any celebrating for after you safely arrive home.

Take Emergency Supplies

Anytime you go on an adventure like snowmobiling, you need to take along an emergency kit that includes specific items. This includes an avalanche beacon, a shovel, snowshoes, a whistle, a signal mirror, and high-energy foods such as snack bars.

Hopefully, you will never need to use any of these things, but it is better to have them along than to find yourself in a sticky situation without proper supplies and wishing you had been more prepared.

Bring a Friend Along

Ask a friend to come along on your ride, or at the very least, be sure to let someone know exactly where you are going and when to expect you back. Some of the most dangerous and life-threatening situations can happen when you are out on the trails by yourself. A fellow rider can also go for help if necessary.


Once you have checked out the local weather conditions, packed an emergency kit, and invited a friend to join you, you are ready to have a great time enjoying the snow. Let people know where you will be and when to expect you back, and save the drinking for the end of the day when you have safely returned home.

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