5 Amazing Snowmobiling Destinations in British Columbia

If you’re looking for a great place to go snowmobiling, you can certainly find it in British Columbia. There are parts of the province that receive as much as 40 feet of snow every year! Here are five of the best places to snowmobile in this region of Canada:

1. Revelstoke

Revelstoke is located in the south central region of the province, and it is near Glacier National Park. The region’s climate tends to be quite snowy, and the city receives 150 inches of snowfall every year! Not only is the area known for its heavy snowfall, but it’s also one of the most beautiful areas in the province.

2. Golden

Golden is located in the eastern part of the province. The area right around the city itself tends to receive plenty of snowfall, and there are snowmobiling trails in the surrounding wilderness. The region is known for picturesque views.

3. Sicamous

This town is located in between Calgary and Vancouver, and this means that it’s relatively easy to reach for a lot of people in the province. The region tends to be quite scenic, and it is located in a region that tends to receive plenty of snowfall during the winter.

4. Houston

Houston is located in a northern, inland region of the province, and the area tends to be quiet. Due to the fact that there aren’t many snowmobilers in the region, you’re likely to find plenty of untouched snow, and the area’s snow cover tends to be extremely stable due to the area’s cold temperatures. Houston is located in the Bulkley Valley, and this region is known for offering beautiful mountain views.

5. The Area Near Mount Adrian

While the low lying areas on Vancouver Island itself don’t tend to receive a lot of snowfall, the island’s higher elevations are more than cold enough for snowstorms, and this makes the region near Mt. Adrian perfect for snowmobiling. The snow cover can be deep in this region, and you’re likely to find plenty of untouched powder. Due to the region’s coastal location, the area receives a lot of moisture from the Pacific Ocean, and this often leads to exceptionally heavy snowstorms.


If you’re looking for a great place to go snowmobiling in Canada, many of the best destinations in the country can be found in this province. While these five places are two well-known snowmobile destinations in the region, you can choose from numerous other options as well. If you’re interested in learning more about these snowmobiling destinations and others, check out this link.

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