About WSVR

Water Snow and Vehicle Rentals offers affordable sea-doo and snowmobile rentals in Chestermere, Alberta. We center our rentals around fun, affordability, and safety – from Ski-Doo rentals to snowmobile gear, watersport activities, and trailer rentals, we have the equipment you need to have the time of your life out in nature.

During the winter months, we are committed to providing budget-friendly and well-maintained snowmobiles for trail riding and mountain exploration. When the days turn warmer, we provide our customers with the best sea-doos available for exciting rides around lakes and rivers. Because we love to ride sea-doos and snowmobiles, too, we can point out the perfect sea-doo’s for open-water fun and recommend the best snowmobiles for trail riding or mountain exploration. Just ask us! We are happy to help. Whether you’d like to rent snowmobile gear or a sea-doo’s for the day, come on in to WSVR and prepare to have the thrill of a lifetime.

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