How to Protect Your Truck from The Perils of Water Sports

Most people think that the worst interior damage that can happen to their vehicle is from storms and hail because of the obvious water damage which results. However, a lot of damage also occurs in the summer because of the visits to the beach, from water sports, and wet feet and other parts of the body going constantly in and out of the vehicle. Here are a few tricks that you can use to protect your vehicle from the dangers of water sports.

Keep the upholstery protected

When you plan to use the truck outside the home, and especially for trips which will involve water sports, you have to make sure the vehicle’s doors and windows are closed and sealed. Generally to get water sport equipment like boats, jet skis, and other large water vehicles into the water the truck pulling the trailer they’re on has to partially submerge itself into the water. It’s important when loading and unloading the equipment to make sure the seals are working properly or else water can leak in and cause lots of damage; even if you can’t see the damage that doesn’t mean it’s not there — it’s just under the carpet.

In addition, many times those leaving the water will get into your vehicle without properly drying off or even getting a towel to reduce the moisture sticking to them and their clothing. Many people will merely place a towel on all of their seats and floor to reduce these sorts of problems, but they’re just a bandage covering up the real problem. It’s much better for those who are wet to have a change of clothes, or to make sure they are 100% dry before getting into your truck. You’d be very surprised how even after a couple times of getting wet the carpet and seats won’t look the same as they did before.

Park far from the water

If you must take the truck out with you to the beach, at least park it as far away from the waterline as possible. When parking, make sure the ground is dry, and that the vehicle’s underside does not come into contact with water. If there are puddles of water around, avoid trying to power through them, as this can lead to a significant amount of water getting into the undercarriage and sometimes even the inside of the vehicle. Both can  ultimately lead to water damage.

Install water-resistant floor mats

The floor of your truck is the one part of the vehicle which suffers the most damage from water. To protect your vehicle from getting this kind of damage, invest in good quality weather-resistant floor mats. These floor mats will be a barrier preventing water from getting into contact with the floor of your car, and the material also makes them less prone to the development of mold and mildew. When installed and maintained correctly, the mats will keep the truck looking new for a long time.

These are the tricks which will help your truck survive the summer, and all the water-related hazards which come with it. It is vital that you think about the potential exposure your water will get to water and plan how to protect it well. As long as the vehicle stays out of the water, it will survive the summer without the need for repairs. However, in the event that serious water gets into your vehicle, proper cleaning and drying can go a long way to making sure your vehicle lasts a long time without needing serious repairs.

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