Trail Guide

Canadian Snowmobile Trails

There are a number of gorgeous and thrilling snowmobile trails in Canada. From Golden to Fort McMurray and beyond, we know all the best Canadian snowmobile trails. Depending on the distance you are willing to travel you can count on us to point out the best locations. Some of the most popular snowmobile trails in Alberta are Red Deer, Sicamous, the Golden Triangle, and the Kananaskis Country Snowmobile trails. You can find more information about Alberta snowmobile trails at the Alberta Snowmobile Association and at Travel Alberta Canada.

Whether you are renting a snowmobile or using your own, here are some of the trails we recommend:
• Revelstoke – Revelstoke gets 40 feet of snow annually, and it is sought-out by many filmmakers and snowmobilers from around the world.
• Valemount – At Valemount, you will have easy access to 3 mountains riding areas. The town itself is extremely friendly to snowmobilers and sled-skiers.
• Whistler – With incredible amounts of powdery snow and breathtaking mountain terrain, Whistler is a favorite amongst snowmobilers.
• Elk Valley – Elk Valley offers challenging trails for snowmobilers who love riding in and around trees.
• Radium Hot Springs – Sledding on a glacier amongst mineral-rich hot springs is what makes Radium Hot Springs a snowmobiler’s paradise.
• Kakwa Wildlands – This ride up the trail to the twin falls is great for anyone looking to see spectacular views.
• Big Mountain Creek Road – This campground and snowmobiling area is operated by the swan lake snowmobile club and is well maintained for a rider that wants a mixture of groomed runs and deep powder.
• Carson Pegasus Park – The Golden Triangle is a well known snowmobile paradise, with warm up shacks along the route even on a cold day you can still have a ton of excitement and fun.
• Ashmont – The Iron Horse Trail has been deep routed in Alberta since 1927 its rolling hills and spectacular views make this trail a must ride.
• Kananaskis Country